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How do I tell my boyfriend that I am pregnant?

How do I tell my boyfriend that I am pregnant?

2 Answers

IntimatelessLV Answered:

Not by a text.....

Marriage_com Answered:

Regardless of how you think he will take the news, you will want to be sure and choose a time that you are alone together, relaxed, and focused on each other. You don’t want to deliver the information too abruptly, nor do you want to keep him in suspense for too long. If this is a planned pregnancy, you won’t need too much preparatory discussion. If it isn’t, weigh out all of the potential reactions he could have, and how you will respond. Understand that this is a very significant reality you are about to drop on him – he may react in a way you weren’t expecting. Also, the way he reacts when you tell him initially may not be indicative of how he will feel later; so be prepared for some ongoing discussion as emotions change.

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