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Wedding Night Sex !!

Hi , Getting married soon , mid 20's girl , getting really nervous about wedding night sex !! What do I wear , I was think a pretty baby doll and panties , Is this OK or will he be expecting stockings & suspenders.
Will my new husband expect oral sex ? will he perfom oral sex on me and do I keep my panties on at this time ? We have talked about doing it in the missionary position ? , again do I allow my new husband to remove my panties? Is it normal to feel scared to remove your panties for the 1st time !! - Abby

2 Answers

Hummingbird123 Answered:

I completely agree with the other answer. It's beyond stupid to "plan" your sexual encounter. Just go with the flow and do what feels natural. Also, if you love your husband, you should be excited for your first time with him, not this scared. You don't have to wear anything special, you'll already be in a wedding dress. My wedding night he just took off my dress and we went at it.

Crazystupidlove Answered:

GIRL! How old are you! You seem to be very immature and just focussed on this aspect. I'm sorry to be judging you so, but this post is crazy. Even if you have never had sex with your to-be husband, you could put forth this concern differently. Sex is not about doing it in different positions - it's an expression of love between two marrried couples and you must honor this, at all times. Make your first night memorable by cuddling each other, talking to each other lovingly...and of course doing it as well. But there is no need to plan it so. Go with the flow, with your emotions and your own body and respond to all that. Don't make this cheesy - your first night with your husband is v.special, don't turn this into a cheap movie!

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