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After being married, flirting with another man is ethically correct?

After being married, flirting with another man is ethically correct?

2 Answers

mathisurendran Answered:

You are taking your marriage very lightly. You might think that flirting is harmless. But your husband will never like it. Why should you flirt with another man who means nothing to you? Marriage is serious business. Don't make it a mess by behaving in an immature manner. If you truly love your spouse you will keep a respectable distance from another men. Analyze your relationship with your husband. Plug in the loopholes. Be loyal to your husband. Flirting is a mild form of disloyalty.

WU0427 Answered:

Unless you are in an open marriage or have an agreement, flirting with another man after being married is unethical. It is a form of disrespect to your husband. In a marriage each partner deserves respect and also deserves to be the center of your attention and universe. Your partner needs to feel special, cherished, and appreciated in all circumstances. Flirting with another man is a signal that your relationship is in jeopardy because you are not completely invested in your husband. In a marriage you need to be able to give your full mind, heart, and actions to your spouse.

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