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Husband can't keep up!

So, there may be some truth to the whole thing about your sex drive kicking in your 30s.
I turned 30 last month and I want sex all the time.
My husband, not so much.
What can I do to help him encourage his sex drive to keep pace with mine? I’m going insane, and he seems like he cares less about sex! Do any of the supplements work? Other ideas?

2 Answers

Topchunk Answered:

~~You can try what Mary said. How-ever Men tend to get preoccupied with making a living and worry about paying bills. You could show your support by assisting him in this endeavor. This would relieve his burden and he would see you as someone who wants to be with him and not distract him from his responsibilities. Thus creating more intimacy.

Hanna Baker Answered:

Sounds like your thirties are shaping up to be awesome! For men and women, testosterone levels drop as they get older; the decrease happens more slowly in women than in men, which may mean that a woman in her thirties desires sex more than some of her male peers. This may not be true for all men but in the case of your husband, he seems to be more focussed on other things. Get different in bed, think of ways that will attract him, show him your wild side - it will work for sure. You could even try discussing this openly with him - for all you know, he will only open up to you.

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