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What are same sex marriage benefits?

What are same sex marriage benefits?

1 Answers

SIMSRT Answered:

The benefits for same-sex couples entering marriage are the same as those for heterosexual couples. Same-sex couples are not conferred special rights, just regular old rights which pertain to any married couple.

That out of the way, there are lots of benefits to marriage; having someone there to love, support and care for us is just the
beginning. In marriage, we also have someone to help support the household, raise children, and make long term financial investments.

Historically, without an opportunity to “seal the deal” as it were, same sex couples, even those that cohabited for decades, were not covered by the same legal protections married people enjoy. For example, they would have to fill out applications separately; have no recourse if they are harassed, discriminated, or exploited, they may have legal difficulty when making joint purchases, gaining access to their partner’s occupational health benefits, or they may have trouble enrolling children in school.

Same sex couples often encountered devastating outcomes in past years when their loved one needed help, fell ill, or suddenly passed away. Even though they had been together with a person for many years, individuals had no legal claim to property
belonging to their partner, and sometimes were even removed from their own shared property. In marriage, same sex couples are afforded the basic legal protections and coverages of married people, which protects their property, their family, and their shared assets.

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