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What is marriage counseling? How does it work?

What is marriage counseling? How does it work?

2 Answers

emmasmith Answered:

Relationships can only be retained through true love, effective communication, expression of true feelings and of course through satisfactory intimacy. Lack of any of these things will not only affect your relationship but will also make you feel depressed and will leave an impact on your mental health. Well, you must have heard of the relationship therapy, which has become much common nowadays.

Tomalter Answered:

Marriage counseling is ideally recommended to couples going through a stressful marriage. Often couples may struggle too much and not be able to handle or solve issues on their own. At such times, a counselor can provide much help. He spends time with both partners and tries to explore the cause of their problems. Marriage counseling can be helpful in improving communication and intimacy issues between a couple...

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