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What is a happy marriage? How can I have it?

What is a happy marriage? How can I have it?

7 Answers

Jayshri Answered:

Happy Marriage has not happened easily. To make marriage happy couple should be understanding to each other in their lives. Marriage is not just a relation between two persons but it is also a bond of two families. In traditional arranged marriages there is no interaction between the bride and groom there is an interaction between the two families. Families will decide to get them to marry or not.

emmasmith Answered:

Living a happy married life is the dream of everyone but sometimes, minor disputes become the hindrances to this dream. No doubt disputes arise in every relationship. The couple therapy is the best way to bring declining relation back to the loving state.

Andrew Symus Answered:

According to me happy marriage is a relationship where you need nothing else your partner. Your all desires are fulfilled by one persson that is your partner. Regarless of any other factor. Also, they both have respect for each other. For this you need to modify yourself or you need any expert to teach you how you can make you marriage successful.

Jesijacob1 Answered:

Happy marriage is a strong relationship with your life partner and better half so you and he can share all the happiness and sorrows with each other. It is very important for people to stay together with each other in every situation. It will be tested when you have a bad patch.

Sowbhaduraisaamy Answered:

Either it may be love marriage or arrange faith on your partner is the only thing which makes your life beautiful. Nowadays the divorce rate is rapidly increasing because of lack of understanding.

Tomalter Answered:

Like always said 'It takes two to tango' same is in the case of marriage. It is a union of two people for which both couples have to work each day to give it a beautiful meaning. But due to busy schedule and uncertanities of life, couples can't express their love for each other. Therefore, they seek advice if they find things going worse. A happy marriage depends on two factors, fate and how you make it. You can read pre-marriage books to understand its importance. 

if you are abou to get married then keep your fingers crossed, everything will be great. Love your spouse and have faith in God.

Samuel Answered:

Happy, loving marriages teem with mutual respect! Respecting a partner’s joy, vision, view point, and growing edges serve a married couple well at all times and places. Respect does not imply that you agree with your partner at every moment. Instead, respect means you have the ability to empathize with your partner, that is, to hear, appreciate, and rearticulate his or her position on a given issue or opportunity. If this important RESPECT facet is missing from your marriage, to talk to your spouse about it, and engage a counselor for additional help.

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