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Can you give some long distance relationship advice?

Can you give some long distance relationship advice?

2 Answers

SIMSRT Answered:

Long distance relationships can be very challenging and hard on the couple. If you are going to hold on to one, make sure to talk daily. Specify a time with each other that you will connect by phone, face time, Skype, or whichever way you decide, but you have to be able to hear each other’s voices and have a real conversation. For long distance relationships emails and text alone won’t cut it. If you absolutely have to miss a day connecting, do not let two days go by before talking again! If you feel like this is overwhelming, you should probably end the relationship- you would be talking daily if you lived together!

Tomalter Answered:

LDR's are like trusting your mate with blindfolded eyes. They can get really difficult after some point of time and all that you listen from others is to maintain trust and communication between the two of you. Here's a sincere piece of communication advice for people in LDR. Try and practice them in real and see the difference.

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