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How important is communication in marriage?

How important is communication in marriage?

2 Answers

Andrew Symus Answered:

Communication is really important in marriage,It is basically the way you telling something to or asking something from your life partner. This will reduce confusions and ambiguities & will increase the probability to make a better relation.

Truesdale Answered:

Communication is the most vital component in a marriage in addition to intimacy, connection, love, compatibility and closeness. Having sound, effective, regular, and reliable communication in a marriage is essential to keep the marriage together and to be able to work through any problems that may arise in having a day-to-day partnership. If communication is not happening there is not even a way to really assess the relationship fully because one wouldn’t be able to know how well things are going without it. It takes daily, consistent, open and honest communication in a marriage for it to be a successful and great one.


Replied on May 07, 2018

I agree with your superlatives re:communication.
Do they also apply to sex? Essentially, I'm wondering if "daily, consistent, open and honest" sex is also necessary?

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