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Can you tell me how to fix a relationship?

Can you tell me how to fix a relationship?

6 Answers

Yesinc Answered:

The only way to "fix" a marriage is by changing how you communicate and relate. This often means work. Best if you seek out a marriage/couples counselor who has training in relationships (not all counselors have specific training). Asking friends and family will most likely not be helpful and can often cause more problems because they will have a bias towards you. A trained third party who is neutral and can teach you better relationship skills will help fix your relationship. 

Fixthis69 Answered:

Ok. Continue with marriage problems again. Our Anniversary is today. When we went to CVS to drop perscription off. He had 5 minutes to pick my card out.Got a card with no Anniversary on it. When he went through to get his things rung up he had a big bag with candy in it. He goes to the Jeep and puts stuff in Jeep. So who was the candy going to? Dont want to ruffle any feathers since its our Anniversary.. But wants to know who got the candy? He hurried to the jeep to put his bag in the jeep. Checked the Jeep this morning. No bag in Jeep this morning. So do you think I should ask him who got the candy? Ive had a bad feeling for him so I am probably right. He was texting right in front of me. Last night. Contines to go in kitchen and continues to text. So he thought I wasnt watching. We just had a conversation about trusting each other.. Going to leave the room. When he ask me why I will tell him why.

Fixthis69 Answered:

He will not go to a marriage counsler. He dont think it helps. He had said to me that I just sit there and dont say any thing. He is talking about himself. He told me maybe its the counsler. When a husband says to you that you dont listen to me. He does not realize what that does to me. This was while we were talking. He said for instance I told you not to put the dish washer on high. And you did it. Is that petty or what. A Dishwasher episode. So now that we talked I have to walk on egg shells in a marriage. I am dealing with Trigeminal Neuraglia. Its a chronic condition . So he has no sympathy for me when it comes from not listening to him. Didnt even read about my TN to find information on my sickness. I hate writing this stuff about my husband. But when he said about listening to him and said that for instance the dishwasher . I asked you not to do that????? Is that sad or what?

Fixthis69 Answered:

How can you fix a Marriage when the husband does not want to get help and go to a counsel with me. ?


Replied on Sep 10, 2017

Learning better ways to communicate, relate, and understand will make a difference.
Often if the wife starts counseling and applies what she learns, the husband will usually make changes too including attending counseling.
Waiting for him to go to counseling means things don't get better.
You get counseling, make positive changes and he will follow.
It might also help if you get a male friendly counselor.

Yassine0104 Answered:

If the relationship has always been negative can not continue

Kendrell Answered:

Fixing a relationship is not a simple task with a simple answer to say how one can be fixed. There are so many different reasons for a broken relationship. Most of the time one can assume that a communication failure is a huge contributor but more information is needed to determine a plan. Get some input from others who are involved in your lives if your partner and you can’t figure it out on your own. Or if needed see a marriage counselor to help you work through the issues step-by-step, but ultimately start with honest and humble dialog between the two of you.


Replied on Sep 12, 2017

Im lost.
I never been throgh this with my husband before.
HE could of handled it in a different way.
He could of said I wish and hope you dont use that card for your prescription.
I really didnt look  the web site up on to see if it is real.
That was wrong and I realalized I was wrong.
I didnt have to be treated like this.
He called me A three year old.
Then called me a moron.
I read about a narccissist and it sounds  just like him.
 He did ask me for a divorce.
WHY would I make his life easy.
I want him to live in hell.
Since he did that to me.
There is no Love left from me.
He has the nerve to ask me a question .
I need to go to a therapist that will help my self.

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