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For the guys: Does marriage counselling really work?

My wife and I have been fighting like cats and dogs for the last year.
She wants to do marriage counselling.
Have any of the men here gone that route? Did it work? Was it worth it? I’m seriously thinking a divorce might be easier.

3 Answers

Olympia Answered:

Couples Couseling Works but you need the right therapist that builds a therapeutic relationship, which includes caring, warmth, empathy, acceptance, mutual affirmation and encouragement. Sometimes you get werid therapist who are untrained or can't work at "both sides" of the relationship. Just start over with a new therapist if thats the case. Seriously!

Shayluci14 Answered:

It works it opens up a can of worms but it gets to the heart of it try christian conciling

N_marriage Answered:

NO!! Please listen to your wife and go for counselling. You need to be a litte more open minded about it. It has worked for many - it can help you as well. Pls try at least!

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