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Asked by Last Updated:

I am really disappointed with my wife.

I love my partner very much and she cares for me as well.
But she has no control on her language.
Her way of speeking is very odd.
I don't like it.
If I punish her, she starts weeping.
My punishment is only limited to using rude language.
I told to her "Don't use cold water", but she used, and now suffering from cold and fever.
Now my condition is like  Any suggesions?   

3 Answers

Jean1 Answered:

Deepesh, It is not a huband's place to punish his wife. It is his job to be a loving leader, and to honor, respect her, and not be harsh with her. She is your partner. She is not your child. A husband cannot and should not try to discipline her. Wow! She is a grown woman, not a child living with her parents. Do not be decieved by man made doctrine in this country that gives you the impression that you can be ugly to your wife and then, she is still supposed to respect you and submit to your leadership in the marriage. What woman on this Earth wants to be mistreated? You as a man wants respect, so she wants respect too. 8/26/14 Jean 1

Deepesh Answered:

Thanks Joshua

But Situation is not like this. 

I tried again and again. But no luck. 

Now, I am thinking to live sepratetly but I can not because I love her.


Replied on Aug 13, 2014

You love her.
Right? Then, you need to compromise and adjust man! Love is big, like really big.
Please, think before you take any hard action.

Joshua Answered:

If you love her, then support her at every moment of hour. It is not necessary that you are always right. But if you think so, you must try to make your wife comprehend what it is in your mind. But I would also suggest you to listen to her for what she has to say about things. Use of rude and abusive language is neither good for you nor for her. It is your duty to take care of her as a husband. Also, give her the respect she deserves as a wife. Do not treat her like a kid.

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