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Husband is gross.

I am an active person, and spend a fair amount of time at the gym.
I really work hard to make myself attractive for myself and my husband's benefit.
My husband, on the other hand, has become gross over the years.
He laughs if I suggest he come work out with me, and spends all of his time when he’s not at work vegging out with video games and junk food.
I am not even remotely attracted to him anymore.
What should I do?

2 Answers

Graham Answered:

I do not think playing video games is a bad habit. I guess you have a problem that you expect too much from your husband. A relationship is based on compromise and somehow you should have thought about it before marriage. I think you need to understand your husband, talk to him, see what he likes, and should not impose your outer-look expectations on him. Every individual has all the right to do whatever he/she likes. You can not force someone to go to gym because he is your husband and you are consious of his pouting belly in public. Somehow, it is your fault! I am not saying he should not go to gym for you but its his choice. And if you are not even remotely attracted to him anymore, you need to inform him about it, and if things don't work out even then, you can always leave him to go to someone else. I suppose that is your choice! But seriously, I think it a trifling matter and can be solved easily.

N_marriage Answered:

Make him aware that you are not happy in the relationship.he may just get concerned and give up the bad habits and make more efforst for himself and the relationship. you could try going for counseling as well. It has worked wonders for couples facing such issues. From what you have written, it appears that your husband is very lazy. give him some motivation to work on his body, encourage him..... and give him some time, all men go through such phases - so u need to undertstand.

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