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My second marriage is ending in divorce as well. How do I cope with this?

My second marriage is ending in divorce as well. How do I cope with this?

7 Answers

Tomalter Answered:

That's sad but its true as stats show that the divorce rates for second marriage is higher than from the first marriage. Second marriage is at times another name for compromise as there may be children from both sides so both spouse have to live together for their kids. Even if you are not happy still you have to endure it for any personal reason. If you are not happy with your second marriage immediately seek help of a counselor who can save your marriage from divorce. Do not depress your parents for the second time. Think twice and look for a solution rather jumping to conclusion.

Honorable Answered:

Be strong and know you are going to feel devastated but it is very important to rebuild your self esteem and return your smile on your face :) Think about what is in common of your two marriages, what is the repetative model and why is it happening. And,most importatly, love yourself! Love, respect and harmony whall enter your life when you start loving and respecting yourself!

Angelwings Answered:

I think you need to spend some time on your own, to face your fears and heal your wounds before letting another man close to you.. otherwise same story shall repeat.

Sanra23 Answered:

That is indeed very sad and this must be a tough time for you. Do not lose heart, though, and do not think of this a failure. Have you tried everything to save this marriage? If yes and you both are of the opinion that you must part ways, then it must be in your best interest. As for the coping, yes it will take time and you must allow yourself to grieve over the end of this relationship too. However, know that healing will happen.

HotSpring Answered:

It is sad and painful fo go trough a separation, especially two times in a row but it has a bright side also - it is the second time you walk away from somebody you are not ment to be with :) Maybe your soulmate is waiting for you behind the corner and you needed those painful lessons with the first and second divorce to be able to recognize the right person when you face him. It is not all about the colors of the eyes and appearance but valuable qualities and attitude. Overview your priorities before you start the next relationship.

HotDate Answered:

Maybe you need some time to gather yourself and heal your soul. In life we face the same situation until we find the solution. Ask yourself what is the lesson I need to take in this marriage, maybe there is a repetative model in both of your marriages. Find it and think about it. A counselour could guide you trough this steps.

DAVIS54 Answered:

Going through your second divorce can be overwhelming. The pain associated with losing your partner in life can feel devastating, but there are many resources that can help you cope. Realize that you’ll need to heal that part of you that keenly feels the loss of the relationship. Take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. You may want to seek counseling to help you regain your stable footing and explore any changes you can make to avoid relationship problems in the future. Most importantly, realize that divorce is not itself a failure, but a solution to a bad situation.

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