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Need help and advice on how to sustain a relationship.

Need help and advice on how to sustain a relationship.

5 Answers

Morninjoy Answered:

Provide support for your partner. The best way to sustain a relationship is to be supportive and caring. Patience is also needed as it won't happen for a night. If you bring in no expectations would be excellent but as we all know it's almost impossible so be prepared for disappointments. Take nothing personal and keep your smile on. Good luck!

Margoz Answered:

Relationships have ups and downs. Be supportive and caring, show him love and consern. Show him you believe in his success, no matter how succesful he is in that very moment :) Make him feel comfortable with you but still provide some space for his interests and friends. Let him know how important he is for you!

FreshDate Answered:

To make your relationship thrive you need to believe in your partner, his success and your commom future. Your believe provides the energy to sustain the relationship.

LANE64 Answered:

Relationships are just like any other living thing. They do require some input of energy, or else over time they will suffer and could eventually die. Think of the nurturing that a relationship needs, including love and support of course but also fun and learning new things together. The bonds of love are increased as we share more experiences together, but couples must also have time and space apart to pursue independent interests. Responsibilities should be shared fairly, with agreements made and commitments upheld by both spouses. Lastly, personal boundaries and needs should be respected to keep your relationship healthy.

HotDate Answered:

Try to reconnect with your partner in a deeper and higher level, to relight the fire. Follow your intuition.

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