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I experience domestic violence at home. Never wanted to be a part of its statistics but what can I do?

Answers (9)

Zachary said on
Get out! Get a divorce. No woman in her right mind should endure such behaviour. Why would you tolerate this at all? Domestic violence never improved anyone's relationship. Abuse, of any kind, is one of the top reasons why people opt to walk out of their marriages.  Especially if you think you're in a hopeless situation; divorce is the best solution.
LANE64 said on
The first step is to realize that you’re in an abusive relationship. If you’ve gotten that far, you can find solutions to the problems you face. If you’re afraid for your physical safety or that of your kids, the first priority is to find someplace safe to go. Most communities have a domestic violence shelter that offers many services. To find one in your area, you can contact the domestic violence hotline or any counseling services center. For help dealing with the other long term emotional effects of surviving domestic abuse, you should find a counselor who can help you process what you’ve been through.
SoulMate said on
Get out of there immediatelly. Just take your ID and go. LANE64 is right about the shelters, contact one and go there. They will help you with the next steps. First and most important is to leave you house and husband instantly, be brave and do it. Think about yourself!
lifewanderer said on
You need to seek help, and quick. Don't procrastinate, letting it drag into an issue that escalates where you could get serious injuries and even die from the trauma. Either call the authorities or help group as the others advocated, and you can stop this violence. Remember, the power is within you to stop this.
yosemitefaerie said on
We all here have the same thing to say...Seek professional help immediately!!!

there might be some part of you that holds you back because you are afraid of what the outside world will bring and you are afraid of the unknown. But here's one logic I have for you if you're still deciding to seek help. If you fear for your life at the hands of the one who is abusing you, then that is a very big indication that you must get help and get out of your situation quick.
FreshDate said on
You should go immediately. Go to the nearest church and ask for help. People there can comfort you and provide contact to shelters, selfhelp groups, autorities, anything you need to save yourself and make a fresh start.
Margoz said on
Call a friend to pick you up and when you settle, find a lawyer and any other help needed to officially leave this marriage. Be strong!
morninjoy said on
Forget the statistics, get out of there immediately! Your life is in trouble, search for professional help! There are people who may comfort you and help you rebuild your life again. There is a free line for women who experience domestic violence, you may call and you shall receive all advices and help needed. Get active!
volvophone said on
I think you already have the correct answer-- get out. Protect yourself and your children.
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