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My marriage is extremely troubled. I have left his house but there's no mental peace. Need advice.

My marriage is extremely troubled. I have left his house but there's no mental peace. Need advice.

7 Answers

Morninjoy Answered:

You should search for professional help. Also think selfhelp groups could support your recovery, as well as yoga and meditation classes. If you can go somewere in the mountains for a while do it. Nature is the best healer for your troubled soul. Hope you have good griends around you to be with you now as it is not a good idea to be alone and is not a good time to search for a new partner.

Margoz Answered:

Good girl! Leaving the house was the best you can do for your own good. Next step is to calm down. I also agree professional help is needed here. Take some time to clear your head before taking any decisions and surround youself with loyal and supportive friends. In life we face ups and downs. Based on logic the next phase is yours is going to be much better and smoother. Get ready to face the good waiting for you :)

FreshDate Answered:

I hope there is a close frend near you to comfort you, dear. I also agree with others that professional help is needed and now is not a good time to take major decisions about future. Step by step, heal your soul first.

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

Hello! Many things could be runnning through your mind right now, especially if you find that you have no one to share your troubles with in a safe and nurturing environment. Don't do anything rash! Seek a counsellor's help. It could be someone from a social work organisation or even your place of worship. If you feel guilty about running away from the problem, cool down first and think through how you would approach the issue before heading back.

Lifewanderer Answered:

Seek professional help as SoulMate suggested, and perhaps you can find the clarity and insight you need regarding your marriage and the next best actions to take. Also, once you have calmed down, speak to your partner once more about what course of actions both of you need to take for the benefit of your marriage.

SoulMate Answered:

You have been trough a lot and you need some professional help to find mental peace. You need to talk about the issues and to heal your soul. A counselour could help. My advice is to face everything, live through it and walk your way. Maybe joining a selfhelp group could also be good for you. Wish I could hug you right now, dear!

LANE64 Answered:

If you’re struggling to regain your peace of mind after leaving a troubled marriage, there could be many root causes that are causing you stress. If the relationship was abusive, the abuser may still wield a certain amount of control over the way you think, even though he’s no longer in the picture. It’s easier to get him out of your house than out of your head. If there was no abuse, then you could be obsessing about the relationship, which isn’t healthy either. To calm yourself, try refocusing on your own interests, relationships and pursuits. When you find yourself thinking about him, change the subject.

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