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Is there any possible way to stop domestic violence?

Is there any possible way to stop domestic violence?

3 Answers

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

Stopping domestic violence starts with the victim admitting that something is wrong and taking the relevant actions to prevent him or herself from getting hurt again in the near future. Victims often give excuses for their spouses, however, this can be detrimental and in fact can even encourage more of such incidences often with greater intensities. This situation must be identified and stopped before things go too far!

Lifewanderer Answered:

Domestic violence cannot only usually be stopped when the victim admits that he or she requires immediate help from external parties with the power to stop the perpetrator. If the perpetrator realizes what he or she has done wrong themselves then there is a possibility of this behaviour ceasing. It is important to follow up any calls for help with professional intervention as such counselling for the victim and anger management sessions for the perpetrator.

SULLIVAN41 Answered:

Domestic violence is an issue that affects millions of families. Stopping it altogether will take time and a major shift in social consciousness. Within a family or a community, however, the task is easier to accomplish. The best way to bring about change would appear to be having many conversations about the violence, discussions in which victims are able to safely confront their abusers and show them the harm they’ve done. Ultimately, it will be up to the abuser to stop resorting to abusive behavior. The best thing survivors can do is figure out what it will take to keep themselves safe.

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