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What are the different types of domestic violence that I should know about?

What are the different types of domestic violence that I should know about?

3 Answers

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

In summary from the above, the types of domestic violence include 1. Physical 2. Emotional violence 3. Psychological violence 4. Financial Control 5. Sexual violence Domestic violence as you can see is usually the exertion of one's supposed power over the victim, leaving the victim helpless and unable to fend for herself while being hurt. Domestic violence must be stopped once any inkling of it is detected so as to prevent an escalation of it.

Lifewanderer Answered:

Dosmetic violence comes in many forms and might even be compounded together. The main types are physical which is usually the most commonly reported and easy to prove form, emotional which largely comes in the form of verbal abuse or even a total disregard for the victim's emotions, psychological where fear is instilled in the victim, financial where money is commonly withheld from the victim, or sexual abuse, often most difficult form to prove especially in a marriage.

SULLIVAN41 Answered:

Many people think of domestic violence as being about physical violence only, when really there are many forms of domestic violence you should be aware of. Psychological abuse happens when one partner manipulates, controls, insults, calls names, and otherwise disparages his or her partner. This can leave the victim feeling worthless and incapable of changing their situation. Restricting access to finances is also considered a form of abuse, although most people aren’t aware of it. Sexual abuse can also exist within a romantic relationship when one partner forces the other to engage in sex acts against his or her will.

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