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What is the process of adoption?

What is the process of adoption?

3 Answers

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

Oh, adoption is something that you have to be sure you are ready for! Hence the selection criteria for parents are very strict and oftentimes wannabe parents don't qualify at all. You have to first ensure that both you and your spouse, besides your own family members, are able to accept and welcome the adopted child as their own.

Lifewanderer Answered:

As taken from my answer in another similar forum thread questions: "The process of adoption is definitely not a quick one since the life and welfare of a child is at stake here. The first step is to apply to adopt a child, which can be done with adoption agencies. This is followed by a home study, where a social worker will access your suitability to be a parent and the environment for the child. After getting approval, you can start picturing the family you want and actively search for suitable children. You will then be matched with a child, who is suitable, will allow you to receive an adoption placement, through which you can start legalizing the adoption. Then you're off to being an adoptive parent!"

Marriage_com Answered:

The process of adoption will vary depending upon the path you take. In private adoptions, couples often advertise in newspapers and magazines hoping to find a potential match. Then they will typically have numerous conversations with the mother to arrange for her care and financial support. An agreement will be drawn up by an attorney that is signed by all parties. It grants the adoptive couple permanent sole custody of the child when it’s born, and it may also define some financial agreement with the mother, usually to provide for her healthcare expenses and sometimes her housing during the pregnancy.

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