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How does divorce between parents affect the children?

How does divorce between parents affect the children?

3 Answers

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

Oh, I am sure that a divorce would absolutely devastate a child, because he or she would have gotten used and attached to both parents during the course of childhood. It can be hard to let go of someone they love, especially when lots of memories have been made together. Child might feel a sense of loss and emptiness in his life, even more so if the parent that left did so in an abrupt manner without making any effort to reconnect at all.

Lifewanderer Answered:

As a child of divorce myself, I will say that divorce did impact me in a huge way. This was largely because my mother - who took custody of us - was very stressed due to having to raise us single-handedly. This forced us to grow up quick and be independent, but in a more rough and tumble, fight to survive sort of way. I never knew why my parents broke up, so deep down I have this inherent feeling that all relationships are not meant to last. A very important lesson I've learnt though, is that it's possible to bounce back up from very depressing situations.

SULLIVAN41 Answered:

Children are affected by divorce, and while each situation is unique, there are some commonalities. • Children don’t understand larger and more complicated relationship problems, so when parents are facing a split, kids often cope by finding fault with themselves. It’s natural to blame ourselves for the things that hurt us when we can’t find another solution, but kids often don’t speak up about their pain. • Many kids suffer from low self-esteem when their parents break up. That’s because they identify so closely with their parents that the failure of the relationship feels like it’s their own personal failing.

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