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Should dating for teens be allowed? Or should they just focus on studies?

Should dating for teens be allowed? Or should they just focus on studies?

8 Answers

FreshDate Answered:

I think we should first clear that sex and date are not equal. Believe me, I still remember when my mother saw me with a hickey on my neck.. She waited for me after school and yelled at me that it wasn't a shame to be a virgin and did I know how scary is it to make an abortion.. and this definately was not the best conversation we could have.. i was 17 and we were really just kissing on the date but my mother didn't wanna hear me at all, she was very scared for me. I could imagine what king of conversation her mother had with her on this age.. So my oppinion definately is educating teens is much better than forbiding them dating :)

HotSpring Answered:

I also agree we should not forbid dating to our teenagers but provide them propriate education.

SummerBreeze Answered:

In our teen years we were dating. Now that we are parents we could encorige our children to be authentic, respectful, real. Yes, education is important and by providing them with the right attitude and consern we could make them responcible and conscious.

Slightlyydifferent Answered:

I know many happily married couples which love stories origin since high school and I guess gating in their time was not allowed also. Which just made it sweeter :) Forbidding is not the right form of control for me. Waking a concsious mind instead could be much more aproppriate practice in long term.

Morninjoy Answered:

Teen ages is the period when hormones overflow young bodies and it is innatural to forbid dating. Better to educate and teach on respect and propriate behavior.

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

When my child grows a little older, I will not let him date another girl until he reaches a certain age. Some people might see this as restrictive, but I believe that yes, teenagers can get very distracted by the dynamics of relationships which can affect their concentration on their studies. Relationships cannot guarantee the future of a child, but education will.

Lifewanderer Answered:

It's a natural occurrence for teenagers to be attracted to members of the opposite sex. After all, this is the time for building social relationships with others and learning how to fit in. But I believe that it's important to let the teen know that he or she has to juggle their studies and any relationships in a balanced manner. Educate them that finding the right partner with good attitudes is paramount. For example students who study together can be more motivated. It is also important for parents to supervise their studies together to prevent them from doing things other than studying. Most importantly, parents must educate teens on sex education. This can get embarrassing, but is essential. Your teenager is not a kid anymore, they are growing into young adults.

SULLIVAN41 Answered:

Decisions about allowing dating between teenagers are typically based on cultural norms, so the answer may differ depending on where you’re from. Usually it’s a good idea to put some limits around teen dating, especially since they’re new to the dating game and tend to get carried away sometimes. Most parents limit their teens by restricting dating until the child is a certain age, and they slowly give their teenagers more responsibility as they get older (i.e., double-dating and group dates may be allowed at a younger age). Whatever your decision, make sure you have a clear understanding of the expectations for your teenager.

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