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Are flirtatious married men real cheaters ?

Are flirtatious married men real cheaters ?

2 Answers

Tomalter Answered:

Flirting for men is as okay as living and enjoying life. Obviously!! Who gave them the right to flirt if they are married? Men with rovering eyes should not be tolerated and you should file for a divorce. In most acses, even if they are married still they prefer to fall for a single woman. Here's a sincere advice for girls that before getting married they should keep few tips in their mind.

Sanra23 Answered:

Flirting for married men is not okay. Having said that a few jokes here and there with a friend of the opposite sex may be enjoyed. Provided, it is harmless and only meant as a joke. Married men must act in a dignified manner and never forget that they are married. It is wrong to send incorrect signals to someone - if a married man does it too often then he is not honoring his marriage. Flirting must only done with your spouse - it has many benefits and can build intimacy between a couple.

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