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Are marriage workshops really helpful or just a waste of money?

Answers (9)

SunFlower said on
Marriage workshops may help you reconnect with your spouse by doing things together again, as a team. After years of busy lifestiye building a career and chasing profits in a very competative time people forget what was it all about - to provide for your family. And in time you lose the connection with your partner as you spend less and less time together because your job requires complete dedication..
Honorable said on
When both partners wish to strengthen the bond of their connection marriage workshops can be helpful, otherwise they are just a waste of money.
lifewanderer said on
It depends on whether the workshop is relevant for you or not. If you and your spouse are already very strong in marriage and only have issues with in-laws, it can sort of defeat the purpose of going to a workshop that teaches you how to strengthen your marriage. It definitely will not harm anyone to go for it for sure, but it's best to pick and choose the right ones.
POWELL20 said on
Just like any service, marriage workshops run the full gamut of excellent to ordinary. Some may even be downright harmful to a relationship, so it’s important to know what to look for and what to avoid. Look for a marriage workshop that:
• Has a proven track record of success
• Is in alignment with your goals and values
• Utilizes a system of therapy you can get behind
Avoid a marriage workshop that:
• Seems glamorous but offers little substance
• Doesn’t seem to have a clear path to success
• Embraces a philosophy you can’t agree with
yosemitefaerie said on
My husband and I go for marriage workshops when we have the time and even money to spare for it. We learn many different things, such as how to deal with hardships together and communicate well. The most recent one was about how to parent a teenager effectively, which we found very informative and useful. You have to chose a workshop based on your discretion I suppose!
summerBreeze said on
Yosemitefaerie gave a really good answer - you have to chose wise the workshop you attend. Otherwise it is just a waste of money and time.
angelwings said on
Marriage workshops might be helpful when answering your needs. That is the essence of all the answers above. I hove you find it useful.
volvophone said on
Yosemitefaerie, good answer. We like the Family Life weekend to Remember workshops.
There are mored ideas here >
WeddingWishlist said on
Its depend on the person to person.
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