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What are the best dating sites for married people?

What are the best dating sites for married people?

6 Answers

Digitality Answered:

It smells like cheating over here, isn't it? Why do you need it? Aren't you happy with your marriage? Divorce and you'll be able to visit both single and married dating sites. By doing so, you'll make a favor to you and your partner. I don't know if you're a man or woman, but I wouldn't go out with a married person. I'm for the single ladies and apps like eHarmony (, which isn't a photo-based app. I have the chance to go out with women who aren't only beautiful but also match with my personality.

SummerBreeze Answered:

Don't complicate your life :) People here gave you good and argumented answers. Save yourself and your family the future situations you won't feel comfortaple in.

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

I think there was recently a scandal with respect to a dating website where the details of each member of the site was posted for the public to see. This caused a lot of distress amongst the members who though that they could keep their identit discreet and keep their families or spouses from knowing that they were a user of the site. Are you sure that you will be able to put up with all these potential stresses or dating a married person or as a married person?

Lifewanderer Answered:

Umm.... okay. Well recently, there has been a much talked about dating site for married people that promoted infidelity and was hacked by some vigilantes who revealed who the members were. So I don't think that you'd really want to get there. There are tons of single people looking for a date! Why don't you consider them (only)?

Honorable Answered:

The anonymous :))

SoulMate Answered:

Dating sites for married people? I think you already chose from the menu and you are done with dating :)

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