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What is divorce therapy?

What is divorce therapy?

3 Answers

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

Sometimes divorces are inevitable and divorce theraphy helps to make the passing of the marriage a less painful and distressing experience. This can be done by giving both partners some closure on the event so that they will not feel like there are many unanswered questions. Divorce therapy can also be done on an individual basis, especially if one spouse is less able to handle the divorce than the other.

Lifewanderer Answered:

Yes, as Sutton32 mentioned, this form of therapy is for couples who have decided to get divorced but are unable to cope with the stresses or may not understand why they have chosen this route. I personally went through divorce therapy, and I found that it really helped my ex-wife and myself come to terms with our divorce.

SUTTON32 Answered:

Divorce therapy gives people who are going through a divorce the opportunity to process and grieve the loss of their relationship with a qualified expert who can help. Divorce is a traumatic experience, and it can often trigger underlying mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, sleep disorder and catastrophic thinking. People tend to see divorce as a serious personal failure, and divorce therapy can help the person with self esteem issues and building successful relationships to counterbalance that pain. Divorce therapy is different from relationship therapy or marriage counseling in that people are seen individually, with the goal of getting through the crisis rather than repairing the relationship.

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