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What is the secret of second marriage after divorce?

What is the secret of second marriage after divorce?

7 Answers

JoyFULLspirit Answered:

I also suggest you reveal the secret of a second marriage after devorce after some time spent on your own :) Don't fill your emotional emptiness with someone new as in the moment you recover and rebuild your self esteem you won't accosiate with that person any more and your next question here would be "what's the secret of third marriage after two divorces in a row". Take time to heal and then you shall attract much conscious partner to establish a healthy relationship with.

SummerBreeze Answered:

People here are right, take it slowly and give yourself time to heal the wounds from your first marriage before starting a new relationship. In spiritual laws it is said that whoever comes is the right person and each one comes as a lesson or a blessing and both are good for you as steps to your growth.

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

A second marriage after a failed first might seem like a godsend especially since the divorce might have been a very big blow to one's self-esteem. I think it's best to take things slow and not rush into anything because immediately after the first divorce we are still very vulnerable and need some time to heal. Jumping into things will complicate issues further.

Lifewanderer Answered:

The secret is to learn and reflect from what mistakes you have made in your previous marriage and make sure never to do them again. I am also currently trying to find the second Mrs Right, and feel like this is a whole new canvas from which I can start again to create a beautiful painting. This time however, I'm going to take careful and calculated strokes different from the ones I used previously.

HotSpring Answered:

Some people say one marriage was enough for them and never repeat, others continue getting married. I think it is not about the number of times you get married but the level on consciousness you reach. Conscious choices are much more sustainable.

SUTTON32 Answered:

Many people in their second marriage find that they can apply some of the lessons they learned from their first marriage. These include: • Don’t say “always” and “never” – these are trigger words that usually create defensiveness. • Say how you feel without blaming each other – using “I statements” can really help when you need to raise an issue without attacking. • Don’t sweat the small stuff – everyday challenges come and go. Your ability to withstand small arguments rests on the health of your relationship. • Work as a team – too often marriage becomes a competition rather than a team sport.

SunFlower Answered:

The second time you choose wiser and think longer before you say "yes" :))

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