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I want some expert relationship advice on marriage

I want some expert relationship advice on marriage

3 Answers

Lee1979 Answered:

Spend the time to be good friends. Do as much as you can together - camping, sightseeing, travelling, playing sport, cooking, housework. If you have an argument - never be rude and insulting to each other - conduct the discussion in a civilised manner! ​When it comes to sex, be sure you are doing your best to make your partner happy.

PEREZ54 Answered:

The best relationship advice for married people is to remember to be friends first. The forgiveness and compassion we afford our friends should also be offered to our most trusted confidante and life partner. To solidify the emotional bond of friendship, go and have fun together often. Do the things you did together when you first fell in love, and tend to your physical relationship with care. This kind of attentiveness will give you a solid foundation and a mandate to work things out when troubles arise. The bond of love, nurtured by trust and respect, will secure the best outcome in marriage.

Slightlyydifferent Answered:

Be respectful to your partner's personal space, have your own hobbies and interests, allow him nights out with the boys, ask for his advices on your projects and cook delicious, the way he loves it :)

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