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How does marriage counseling help christians who are trying to rekindle their marriage?

How does marriage counseling help christians who are trying to rekindle their marriage?

4 Answers

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

I guess it helps to remind them of the roles and expectations as laid out by God, according to their genders. Christian counselling could also help couples understand that there's a bigger purpose for their roles with each other. There might be a chance for a stronger spiritual connection, which is very important for Christian marriages.

Lifewanderer Answered:

Sure, marriage counselling can help anyone, including non-Christians. However, it would be beneficial to go through a Christian counsellor who has the same opinions about marriage according to the bible. But I personally feel that it's would be a good idea to get a counsellor who doesn't just reiterate concepts from the bible and tells you to follow them. A great counsellor will also apply medically proven counselling methods and also listen intently to both spouses’ opinions.

PEREZ54 Answered:

Marriage counseling can help remind Christians about God’s love, and encourage the couple to express agape love with one another daily. There are many exercises a marriage counselor can assign a couple that can help them to improve their emotional bond and make life run more smoothly. God wants your marriage to be a source of joy as well as challenges, and a marriage counselor can help you reconnect with that joy in each other and in God. Just as going to church once a week can help you rebuild and rejuvenate your relationship with God, seeing a marriage counselor on a regular basis can help your marriage.

LoveCoach Answered:

There are many forms of marriage counseling, and it really depends on the type you are seeking. I have a group program Relationship Rescue-911 For Love that is geared toward rekindling the romance (I even have a FB group called Rekindle the Romance) through re-building the foundation of a passionate, intimate, joyful, loving relationship. When you have that foundation of honesty, open, non-intrusive communication, and trust, the intimacy and passion are just a natural result! The program deals with needs, archetypes, passion patterns, master skills, disciplines, vulnerability, and a gamet of other helpful and useful tools, all with an underlying Christian faith and structure! I have seen the destruction a failed marriage can cause, and it is my mission, my passion in life to help people have amazing, joyful, intimate, passionate relationships that last a lifetime! If you are interested in more information, I would LOVE to share it with you, and you wouldnt have to wait very long--the program is starting up again in just a few days, so the timing is perfect!

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