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My love life after marriage has gone bad. What should I do?

My love life after marriage has gone bad. What should I do?

7 Answers

JoyFULLspirit Answered:

I think it's time for some shopping :) New sexy underwear can turn your love life from "bad" to "hot' really quick :))

Angelwings Answered:

Contact a marriage counselor, he can help with your intimacy issues.

FreshDate Answered:

Reconnect with your spouse first on an emotional level, then bring back he passion into your bedroom :)

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

By love life, do you mean that on an emotional level or a physical level? If its the latter, physical intimacy is a very delicate art, it always seems that some novelty has to be added to it experience to make it always exciting. You can surely google that for more information. As for the emotional level, sometimes the daily grind of a marriage can dull a marriage. If that happens, take some time off to relax together. It helps!

Lifewanderer Answered:

After a while, the sex aspect of a relationship can lose it's novelty because couples have become all too familiar with each other and get stuck in the same routine in bed all the time. This of course can become an inevitable drag. Try to spice things up in the bedroom by doing different things like new positions, or sex toys.

HotDate Answered:

DAVIS54 gave you a good answer :) Love life in marriage goes bad firstly because you flow energy to rasing children and fixing the house and secondly because you take your parner for granted. No trill, no hunting instinct teased in men and everyday life makes it too realistic for romantic issues :)) Show your wife that she is still your girl and you adore her :) Show your hubby that he is still your number one :)) Keep the game on!

DAVIS54 Answered:

It’s not uncommon for people to experience a slowdown in romantic relations after getting married. The newness of the relationship wears off, and the humdrum of everyday life sets new patterns for what’s normal. Most couples reinvest the energy they once put into their love life into new projects around the house or taking care of children. To spice things up when romance has been all but forgotten, a lot of couples like to schedule a date night every week and take a romantic vacation once in a while. There are also marriage retreats available for couples who want additional stimulation.

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