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How can I solve my marriage problems without involving anyone outside?

How can I solve my marriage problems without involving anyone outside?

5 Answers

JoyFULLspirit Answered:

Can you? I think if you could you would have already done it :) Please, let someone experienced help you. It could be a relative or a counselor but you have to let someone from outside to help you deal with the situation and when you do it you shall feel releave.. think about it :)

Angelwings Answered:

Define "anyone outside" first :) Anyone outside your family? Anyone outside your close circle? Anyone outsie your marriage? I can read good abvices above, sure you will find something handy. And I relay to the advice to contact a marriage counselor for help :)

HotDate Answered:

How serious are your marriage problems? There is nothing to be ashamed of, we all face situations. if you don't want your friends and family to know you have marriage problems you may contact a marriage counselor, you can even use his help online. Therapists are giscreet and professional. If you could handle the issues by yourself, you should have already done it.

FreshDate Answered:

Talk with your spouse. If the issues could be easily fixed an open conversation could help. If the situation is more complicated I suggest you use the help of a marriage counselor. Pride is a good thing, we all have it, but admitting the need of help and asking for it is life saving. Be smart and search for help :)

DAVIS54 Answered:

There are many tools you can use, but the likelihood of your succeeding alone is slim. Solving marriage problems requires us to learn new ways of interacting. After all, the methods and communication patterns already in place are what led us into trouble in the first place. That said, however, you can utilize self-help books and online marriage advice to help you figure out where things have gone wrong and get your relationship back on track. Look for titles of books and discussion boards that match some of the issues you’re dealing with. They’ll have the greatest chance of helping in your situation.

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