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I need help in my marriage. My husband is alcoholic. And I have issues dealing with my anger.

I need help in my marriage. My husband is alcoholic. And I have issues dealing with my anger.

4 Answers

Andrew Symus Answered:

Alcoholism always make one unconscious and out of sense. This is not a good habbit. Also, I say about anger. It is not a good one, it always make one lose. Please control

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

Wow. Seems like you have a recipe for disaster there. Good that you realizea you need help, especially with your husband's alcoholism and your anger. The combination of these two might lead to harmful violence that is totally needless. Approach a counsellor immediately, or a social worker for guidance on what steps can be done to remedy the situation and prevent any more ugly incidents. If nothing major has happened yet, it's good to start now too!

Lifewanderer Answered:

When it comes to alcohol and anger issues, it is best to bring in marriage and psychiatry experts in before things escalate to an ugly level. Your husbands drinking issues most likely stems from his own personal inner demons, and will require action on his part to solve it. The same goes for your anger management. Intervention from either one of you might make things worse, so external expert help will be beneficial.

NORRIS03 Answered:

Alcoholism makes relationships difficult, strained, and often toxic. Anger management issues will only exacerbate the problem, with constant conflict the likely result. To improve your relationship, you should both be attending a 12-step program (AA for him, Al-Anon for you). You can also benefit from having individual therapy or group counseling to help you with the anger management side of things. When you’re experiencing serious problems like these, having a supportive network of others can make all the difference in your success, so be sure to reach out to others at meetings and find people with some wisdom and insight that will help.

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