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Is getting married the second time round easy?

Is getting married the second time round easy?

7 Answers

JoyFULLspirit Answered:

It could be just the opposite way - this time you know what's next and you are very careful what you say, do, promise. After an unsuccessful marriage people became suspicious and it is very difficult to convince them in good intentions as their instincts are warning them to remember how it all started the previous time and what has happened later. Their minds compare everythig with the previous bad experience and it won't be easy to win their trust.

Angelwings Answered:

Haha :)) I agree with lifewanderer staying in marriage is the hard part :) But you are the only one who knows best what do you need in life and I hope this time you get it :)

FreshDate Answered:

On a position you'd already been there could be said "yes", the second time round is easier than the first one. Congrats on your marriage, wish you well :)

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

You would think that the second round is easy, and it might be because we've learnt so much from the first. However sometimes getting married for the second time can bring fears and insecurities about it. We anticipate the bad things will happened like in the first marriage, or we are afraid to get hurt again so we act more defensively.

Lifewanderer Answered:

Getting married it always easy, it's staying married that's the part we have to work at. Each marriage is different and gives us alot to learn about relationships, so we cannot generalise that the lessons learnt in the previous one will apply to the second marriage. However perhaps what you might learn is some essential skills for keeping a marriage healthy such as communication and patience.

HotDate Answered:

It's assumed that people take time to make a wiser choice before they say "yes" for a second time but it's strictly individual. One choice cannot be compared to another and each situation is different so it's all up to you to make it the way you want it to be :)

NORRIS03 Answered:

Many people assume that having been married once better prepares you for a second marriage, but that’s not always the case. A lot of people find that the problems in their second marriage will echo the same issues they struggled with before. That could be due to the tendency to choose someone similar or the fact that you haven’t changed much since your first marriage. Either way, recognizing those old “friends” when they come along should make you want to redouble your efforts at building a lasting and strong relationship with your spouse, not turn and run the other way.

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