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Any love advice for free? I'm going nuts with my wife. She thinks I'm having an affair.

Any love advice for free? I'm going nuts with my wife. She thinks I'm having an affair.

7 Answers

Morninjoy Answered:

You should try to talk with her and understand what makes her think you are having an affair. You need to asure her there is no such thing, the sooner the better :)

Angelwings Answered:

Or maybe she is reading the signs right and you are having an affair. Deny by all means and end it immediately!

FreshDate Answered:

Maybe your life is bouring and she is spicing it :)) A healthy sence of humour may help you pass safe trough any phase of woman's PMS :))

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

Maybe your wife found some very suspicious evidence or you are acting suspiciously, even if you did nothing wrong. Sometimes she might be acting this way just to get your attention. Maybe on a normal day when everything's the same, you don't pay attention to her, and she had to resort to this sort of tactic to get you to notice her. Just my theory... :)

Lifewanderer Answered:

You should do your best to make her trust you and not suspect you anymore. Ask her what is it that made her suspect and address it if you really did not cheat on her at all. Sometimes even small actions like flirting through text message with another woman is very good cause for suspicion.

HotDate Answered:

What makes her think you are having an affair? And since when she is susspicious? Woman's intuition is usually right :) Maybe you two have disconnected. Maybe you are thinking about that new colleague that came in your office a couple of weeks ago and though you haven't done anything your wife senses the presence of another woman.. Think about it!

NORRIS03 Answered:

There are a couple of reasons why your wife might be suspicious, even if you’re not having an affair. One reason might be (let’s hope not) that she’s having an affair herself, and is using her suspicions of you to deflect attention away from her behavior. The other possibility is that she suffers from low self-esteem, and worries deep down that she’s not good enough to keep you. Telling her that’s not the case won’t usually help with this, so save yourself the trouble there. Instead, encourage her to do things that will improve her confidence, such as making new friends or learning a new skill.

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