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How is marriage counseling helpful for couples?

How is marriage counseling helpful for couples?

5 Answers

Honorable Answered:

Marriage counseling is good for couples facing issues in their life. It could provide you adequate advices, help you reveal the core of the situation you are in and give you technics to heal it. I can find usefull information in the answers above, hope you find it handy also.

Angelwings Answered:

Marriage counseling helps you reveal the roots of the issues in your couple and guide you to fix them. Answers above provide you detailed information. It is also important for you to do the same on your marriage counseling to be successful. Your therapist need all the information about the issues that brought you in his cabinet.

HotSpring Answered:

Any time professional help could be considered as helpful, especially when talking about relationships. It is so because most of us are ashamed to confess a marriage issue to friends and family as we proudly pretend everything is ok. We are taught that to be successful in society we need to have a happy marriage and if ours is not happy we pretend it to be. In the end we are lost in illusions and nothing is real any more.

HotDate Answered:

A marriage counseling can help you reveal the roots of the issues you are facing in your couple and help you to fix them. It can also help you reconnect with your partner, clear situations and tighten the bond between you. But it needs both of you to colaborate with your therapist, to provide all the information needed and to be completely honest to make it work.

STONE43 Answered:

Marriage counseling can offer couples a set of relationship-building tools that will allow them to improve their marriage, but it will take some work. Generally, a marriage and family therapist will spend some time upfront working to understand the relationship issues in broad terms, then they will encourage you to talk about a problem until a conflict either erupts or is imminent. They’ll help the couple work through some specific details on that one problem – identifying miscommunication, trigger words, pain caused unintentionally, etc. Through working on these smaller problems the couple learns how to better navigate the tougher issues plaguing their marriage.

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