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She's acting like a wealthy brat!

I have been in my marriage for a while.
My wife recently moved up in her company.
She is financially and professionally in a much better place than me.
My issue is her new need to match every dollar for dollar in our relationship.
I have always been the bread-winner in our relationship and I am excited for her, but this whole money thing is just silly.
Even if we are in the store, she competes to pay the bill first, and then complains about how much she spent the day before.
Am I missing something?

3 Answers

Dnafree Answered:

I am so confused by your question. Are you missing something? Let her spend her money on you and she can come spend some of it on me too. What a great woman!

Freeme Answered:

I would love to have your wife! I must be one of the few men that wouldn’t mind my wife footing the bill sometimes. We both make great money, but she believes her money should be spent on her and mines is for everyone else. Take advantage of your free ride. It won’t last for long.

Bringme Answered:

It’s one thing to be financially secure but it’s another when you’re cocky. I think your wife is trying to prove a point, but maybe to the wrong person. It’s clear that she is happy about her promotion. Though, it appears to have gone to her head. Sometimes, women take the power they have to a whole new level. My wife does this often but I have learned to look past her power struggles.

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