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Asked by Last Updated:

She's going to kill me...with her cooking!

I love my wife to death but I hate her cooking.
Please help!

7 Answers

Samarachick555 Answered:

Cook for yourself.

Love Me Answered:

Communicate with her about this and suggest her some books or otherway so that she can get you.

Love Me Answered:

Most men have a problem like yours. Don't be afraid of having this type of food, just try to eat together and have same food for both. Some day she will get the thing that she is not a good cook. And your problem may be solved. Hope you got it!

Realmen Answered:

Invest in a deep freezer. Buy a lot of frozen pizzas and TV dinners. Drive around to all the restaurants in your neighborhood and stack up on menus. Politely thank the restaurant staff and leave a nice tip, so that they will deliver your food on time, every time.

Davidlow Answered:

Stop complaining about what she can’t do. Get in there and help her!

Calmen Answered:

My wife can’t cook either. lol! Invest in some cookbooks and wrap them up in some pretty gift wrapping paper to surprise your wife.

Lovemore Answered:

The best offer in the world: Switch kitchen roles!

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