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What are the most effective marriage therapy exercises that I can try at home?

What are the most effective marriage therapy exercises that I can try at home?

2 Answers

Marriage-Designer Answered:

Counseling is the solution which is useful for both the partners who are willing to make good changes in their relationship. So if you have attended counseling without your wife, it won't be effective for your relationship at any cost. Read some books like Do's and Dont's of marriage, take suggestions from an experienced couple who have survived years of hardship and still have come out stronger. Watch the videos in the Rewarding Marriage Kit about relationships and explore common issues faced by life partners. The entire program can be completed in an afternoon and will cost less than one counseling session. Check us out and help us, help you in the process.

Tomalter Answered:

It's not possible always to seek counselor sometimes you are bound to stay at home. So get some healthy pre-marriage therapy exercises that will help you for sure without stepping out.

1. Discuss about what things have made you feel disrespectful for each other. These small discussions might increase intimacy between a couple. 

2. Try resolving all arguments before going to bed. Make this your habit. 

3. Make list of all activities that both of you like that can help you both in spending time together.

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