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How to save a marriage from divorce?

How to save a marriage from divorce?

5 Answers

SHAW54 Answered:

Couples who are looking into divorce are already in deep pain. The marriage may be the source of that pain, but it could also just be the fall guy. When we live with someone in our lives permanently, it can become easy to blame the other person for how we feel, or blame the relationship for not fulfilling us the way we expect. It’s important to examine whether the pain we’re feeling is really coming from our own past, our insecurities, or our needs not getting met. When we work to heal ourselves, it can clear up problems we thought were the fault of the marriage, too.

JasenA Answered:

Find a good marriage counsellor quickly and be completely honest with him. Be open to all possible scenarios and allow the best for you to happen. When one door closes, another opens but you cannot see the new one before you leave the past behind. Wish you well!

OliviaG Answered:

It is still not too late if you are both prepared to ask for help and make one last effort. Talk to a trusted friend, a spiritual leader or a couples’ counsellor. They will help to put the situation into perspective and enable you to see how you can save your relationship, if possible.

BestBuddy Answered:

Halbert is right, you need to react quickly and help is needed here. If the point to an open conversation is crossed then try writing e-mails, messages, anything that gives you the possibility to openly share your thoughts and gives your spouse free space to read it when calm.

Halbert Answered:

Get input! If your marriage is to the point of an almost divorce, get help and get it fast. Either go to a marriage counselor together or find a trusted couple for the both of you that you can be completely open with. Then without filters, but with sincere and in-depth conversation start hashing things out. Let down the walls and not only communicate vulnerably yourself, but definitely give your partner the space to do the same without judgment and with genuine care and love written all over your face and through your body language. Tell your partner how much you love her or him.

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