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How can I make my life stable by avoiding all marriage problems?

How can I make my life stable by avoiding all marriage problems?

7 Answers

Honorable Answered:

What do you mean by "stable"? Emotionally stabe? Financialy stable? Usually relationships don't sustain in a flat line, ups and downs are inevitable. I'm not quite sure I understand your question well but the only way to avoid all marriage problems is not to get married at first place :))

Angelwings Answered:

Stable life is boring life, are you sure you want this :)) Better face somei ssues, deal with them the best way you can and enjoy your real life as stable life is fake. people pretend to have stable lives in society as that's what is expected and reality stays hidden behind a society mask.. you sure you need this?

HotSpring Answered:

To make your life stabe first you need to do so with yourself :) A stable person has a stable life and a stable marriage :) You get the point? Heal your emotions first and gain some self esteem - it will reflect on all aspects of your life.

Yosemitefaerie Answered:

The honest truth is that you cannot avoid marriage problems. It helps to not see issues as problems at all, but rather, daily operation matters that must be tended to. This gives the view that the issues are a routine task that must be done for the smooth running of the marriage, instead of being seen as unwanted obstacles in the marriage. If you're looking for stability in a marriage, then perhaps you can seel out a counsellor to address your concerns.

Lifewanderer Answered:

If you want to avoid all marriage problems, then don't get married. That's the only solution I can think of. Even then, you might have problems arising from a lack of marriage. For example, your relatives might keep badgering you on about when you're getting married and so on. But if you already are married, suck it up and accept the problems big or small, but make sure to do your best to resolve them as well.

SunFlower Answered:

Dear HICKS54, be realistic, please. There is no way to avoid all marriage problems but you can pick your battles, respect your partner and be flexible in quickly changing situations. And always remember the reasons you chose this person for your lifetime partner :) Wish you luck!

SHAW54 Answered:

Most relationships experience ups and downs because we are all human, and we each bring our own unique set of problems to any relationship. That said, you can avoid the bigger problems in marriage by following some good advice: · Trust and respect your partner, and expect the same in return · Communicate how you feel without attacking or blaming, and expect that they love you enough to care · Make big decisions together and consult one another on anything important · Do whatever you promise to do, and don’t do anything you say you won’t do

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