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What are the most common marriage problems and how to solve them?

What are the most common marriage problems and how to solve them?

5 Answers

Margoz Answered:

No one here mentioned money issues and they can ruin a family really quick in both ways - lacking and abounding. Actually money reveal true faces quicker than anything and sustaining its abcence or abundance depends on the bond between partners.

Angelwings Answered:

Most common marriage problems are based on trust issues and broken communication which leads to lack of intimacy and makes a cursed circle you could hardly exit. The bond is the most important in a marriage, that is the base of a healthy relationship. You need to heal the bond to save the marriage.

HotSpring Answered:

Broken communication, alienation, walking different ways.. Need to mark the difference between problem and symptom of problem :)

SunFlower Answered:

The most common marital problem is alienation between spouses due to broken communication, trust issues or lack of intimacy.

SUMMERS Answered:

Most marriages suffer from the same basic issues, and if left unchecked, they can ruin your relationship. · Power imbalances, where one spouse dominates the relationship · Dishonesty, which can lead to infidelity · Problems with trust · Disrespect for one another, their preferences or their boundaries +Most of these problems will take time to correct, as theyrepresent a lifetime of negative behavior and communication patterns. The solution in each case will vary slightly, but working through the problems looks much the same for everyone. It will mean being open and honest with each other, and establishing a healthy pattern of communication.

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