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Mental Health Issues

I need some quick advice.
My husband of three years has lost interest in everything that once excited him.
I believe he is depressed but refuses to go talk to someone.
He drinks more than he used too.
All he wants to do is sleep and lay across the couch.
He won’t play with his kids anymore and we haven’t had intercourse in over a month.
I’ve tried to spice up the room but he just couldn’t seem to perform that night.
I don’t want to make him feel bad, really want to help him, but don’t know what to do.
Any advice?

3 Answers

Diverfun Answered:

I think it would be helpful to find a way to talk with his family to see, if depression runs in their family. You may be surprised at what you learn. My husband was concerned about my health a few years ago and questioned a few of my aunts and uncles about depression in our family. They were eager to share our family history of mental illness but I learned a few things about my family too. I always knew that I had a problem with depression as a teen but tried to hide it from everyone. Even after getting married and having a child, it wasn’t enough for me. After he shared with me one night about the conversation with my family, I learned that my great-aunt and grandmother suffered from Major Depression and I lost an uncle when I was six years old, due to a suicide.

Motivame Answered:

Encourage him to talk with his doctor about his issues. Maybe he doesn’t feel comfortable seeing a therapist or maybe he can’t stand to hear it from you. Some men don’t like admitting when they have a problem. Others don’t like the idea of hearing it from their wives. Talk to your husband about your concerns.

Kelly64 Answered:

Depression is very serious. I suffer from bipolar disorder but was diagnosed with depression a few years, after I got married. I tried so hard to deny something was wrong with me. My denial nearly cost me my marriage. We went for marriage counseling for a little but it felt like a waste of time. It was finally when he threatened me with a divorce, before I went to seek some personal help. Long story short, my life was in a wreck before I went for help. I didn’t believe I had a problem. My husband tried the best he could but it wasn’t enough for me. Don’t wait till the last minute. Talk to your husband.

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