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Does having trust in marriage is equally important as love?

Answers (8)

Oceanlover said on
Trust is a necessary factor in every single relationship there is. Turst in  your partner, in a marriage is as equal as love, if not more important because you can't really love somebody if you don't trust them. So I sincerely believe that it is. Without trust a relationship can turn toxic.
Amy508 said on
No trust in a relationship brings constant doubts which in turn leads to constant fighting. You'll be wondering where he is and what he's doing and he'll be thinking the same. Any and all innocent reactions with somebody not invilved in your relationship may cause an arugment. So yes, I do believe that it is equally important because all marriages are based on trust.
MichelleM said on
I think that trust is even more important than love. Your love will be corroded away You are trying to build a life together and trust is the foundation. It covers all aspects of your relationship - can you trust him with other women, can you trust your partner to be financially responsible, iare they honest or will they lie to you? Unless you want to spend your whole life in fear of repercussions, wondering what unexpected disaster is going to hit you next, checking phone calls and e-mails, you need to be absolutely certain that your partner is the person they appear to be.
Nickol said on
Trust is the base of any kind of partnership. You need to trust your love to marry him and all the other aspects MichelleM nicely explains in her answer to you. So, yes, trust and love are equally important in a marriage, doubting shouldn't I paste trust an idea higher above love :)
newlywedgal said on
As the other commenters said, yes trust is equally important. in fact, in serious relationships, trust is at the very core of true love. Without trust, there cannot be a safe emotional environment where we can safely share or interact with our spouses. Trust can be broken sometimes and love can waver, but it is the synergy of both that help make a marriage the best it can be.
BestBuddy said on
Trust and love in marriage are sacred! Try to keep both as losing any of them is very hard to be regained.
angelicarose said on
Trust is equally important as love! Trusting your spouse can lead and develop to love, and love can also let one trust another much more easily. A lack of one or the other might lead to a relationship without a finer balance. Without trust, the spouse might feel insecure about the love. On the other hand, no love will make trust diminish.
SUMMERS said on
" If two people are going to spend their lives together, trust is essential for success.  
There are many different aspects you’ll want to consider, like: ·         
Can I trust this person emotionally? ·        
How certain am I that my partner won’t cheat? ·         
Do they respect my boundaries? ·         
Can I be sure they will always tell me the truth, even if it hurts or is unpleasant? ·         
Can I trust them with our finances? If you think about all the ways you have to depend on the one you love, the truth becomes clear: trust is necessary if a partnership is going to survive. "
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