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Are there are any chances of saving a marriage after separation?

Answers (9)

Oceanlover said on
I think that there definitely is. There are many couples who rush into marriage, end up divorcing and remarry after a while. You probably just need some time apart to grow up and figure out what you need in a partner. So there's definitely a chance for the marriage to be saved.
Amy508 said on
No there isn't. You guys separated for a reason. You may have tried to work things out previously and the marriage still failed.Trying to save it is like going through the entire process that you did right before you filed for separation. It will only lead to same heartbreak all over again.
MichelleM said on
The hardest part is making the decision to end the reltionship. It is traumatic for everyone involved, and the emotional devastation should not be undr-estimated. A separation iwill either make you realise that you ahve made a mistake, or it will confirm that you have made the right decision. The problem comes in when one partner wants to reconcile andthe other partner realises that they no longer wish to continue with the relationship. I think that it is a good idea to have time apart to think alone.
Nickol said on
I know a couple with a child that first separated, then oficially divorced and now they live happy together :) It's all up to you and your needs and situation. Pay attention that a healthy relationship needs two partners willing to walk together and if it takestoo much efforts trying to fix things maybe you should just let it go and move forward.
newlywedgal said on
The mere fact that it was a separation and not a divorce indicates that both parties might have an inkling of hope that things work out well in the future. In fact, separation is useful time for each spouse to do some self-reflection on their marriage and make decisions about what they think is best for them and their partner. Depending on the situation, reconciliation is definitely possible.
BestBuddy said on
You need to discuss it with your partner. Have dinner together. Watch his bodylanguage, his eyes, smile,little gestures. You know him best, you can get the answer by what you read in his behaviour, no matter what he is saying. Know that whatever the answer is, it is for good, though now it may look like a loss and to be emotionally difficult to overwhelm it, be strong!
angelicarose said on
Attempting to reconnect with your spouse after a separation is crucial for saving your marriage. Separation might give a couple time to think through their problems, but without any action taken from this reflection, then there is a danger that the couple might drift apart. Giving a call or sending a text message is the first step!
SUMMERS said on
The idea with separation is that it provides a trial period to see if things get better when the couple no longer shares the same
house.  For some people, this can provide the breath of fresh air they need to deal with their own issues before working on the marriage again.  For most couples, though, the “trial separation” is just a stop along the way to the divorce proceedings.  To see if you can save your marriage after a separation, you should have some counseling together.  It will help you learn to work together, increase your trust and improve communication skills.
LANE64 said on
Separation can be a serious wakeup call and a valuable step towards saving a marriage, but it would depend on the individuals and how they respond to the separation. Separation gives both spouses time to think about their marriage relationship and whether they feel it is worth resuming or not. After a reasonable time of separation (say one month) if both strongly feel that they want to be back together, they should both be willing to engage in marriage counseling and therapy to help them overcome whatever the reasons were that they separated in the first place. If there have already been attempts at counseling and there continues to be “blaming” on either side, then it may be time to walk away from the marriage.
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