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What is the secret to keep marriage alive for lifetime?

Answers (8)

Oceanlover said on
I wouldn't so much as call them secrets as I would rules. There are just ceratin things that you need to pay attention to, abide by and honor in a marriage. Without them, a marriage will surely fail. They are not listed in order of importance.
1. love
2. trust
3. honesty
4. loyalty
5. respect
6. faithfulness
Amy508 said on
To have a healthy, long lasting relationship, you and your partner should be able to communicate effectively, you should also be able to know which fights are just not worth having. You should be able to compromise, you should be open about what you need from your partner and your relationship should have trust and honesty.
MichelleM said on
Trust, love , respect, common goals and interests, the same values are some ogf the factors. Another important factor is learning to see the big picture and remember that you love the person and are building a life together, instead of letting the little irritations destroy your relationship. Remember to give the oher person space to persue interests alone or with other people if you don´t enjoy them, e.g. the husband may wish to go fishing while the wife goes to book club. This alos keeps the relationship interesting as you have different things to tell each other when you are together again. And do fun things together that you both enjoy.
Nickol said on
I agree with what is written above, will just add passion :) You need to keep the spark between you and your spouse :) No matter for how many years you live together, how many kids you have given birth to and how many tasks you have over to think of, try to keep the sexy girl he fall in love with alive :)) Don't settle for house life, please! Dress up for him, keep your hair done and your body fit :) He is still your boy, and the father of your children! Make him want you :)
newlywedgal said on
I don't think there's a 'secret formula' for keeping marriages alive. All those qualities mentioned above are known by everyone but practiced by few. It all boils down to being the best person you can be for your spouse even in trying times. The only reason why many marriages fail is because both parties neglect their responsibilities to the marriage.
BestBuddy said on
Be authentic, that is the easiest way to keep a marriage alive for lifetime :)
angelicarose said on
I've heard from my parent that it's always important to start the day with a kiss and end the day with a hug before bed. It's important to never let the affection fade away, because a lack of intimacy might lead to estranged feelings. A marriage is like dainty plant that requires the proper care and nourishment to flourish. said on
Having realistic expectations of each other and of the marriage itself will set you up for long-term success.  Knowing that your spouse cannot provide all of your social needs and that each partner should nurture their own interests and friends can help.  Establishing early on what beliefs and customs you will follow together when it comes to subjects like child rearing and finances can also pave the way.  What’s also critical, though, is the ability to support each other and act as a team.  As partners, you should be able to trust one another completely and be honest with each other.
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