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I need some best marriage advice for women that can help me in making my married life beautiful?

I need some best marriage advice for women that can help me in making my married life beautiful?

7 Answers

LANE64 Answered:

You have made a very good start in asking this question and seeking advice. If you always keep this teachable attitude and be willing to learn new ways of doing things, then you are sure to go a long way. Try not to look to your husband to meet all your needs, especially emotional needs. It is important for a married woman to have the loving support and friendship of other women, and then you will be able to give your husband the love and support that he needs from you. If something is worrying you, speak openly to your husband and be honest with him. Don’t let things brood and fester as they will only get worse over time. Don’t be discouraged if you go through difficult patches, those are normal and will make your marriage even more beautiful if you persevere through them together.

SUMMERS Answered:

Suggestions for women to make married life beautiful: · Believe in yourself and develop your own interests. Do not be too consumed with your partner or he may feel smothered. · Take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. No one is more attractive than when they’re in good health in all three areas. · Communicate honestly and openly with your husband about how you feel and what you want in life. Work together to meet your goals as a team. · Be sure to plan time together frequently as a couple doing something new and interesting. The best relationships have a shared history of novel experiences.

Beautifullife Answered:

Here are some tips I have as a married woman myself. 1. Respect your husband. 2. Forgiveness is crucial. 3. Communicate with your spouse in a way he or she understands 4. Be thankful with your life...the grass is probably very green on your side. 5. Go on dates regularly with your spouse. 6. Never threaten with divorce or separation. 7. Never talk negatively about your husband to others. 8. Make affection a duty to your husband.

BestBuddy Answered:

Newlywedgal you said it in a beautiful way - a marriage thrive is constant communication as well as respect for each other's views. I agree with everything written above. You should keep the spark alive, respect your spose, take time to do things together, make love :) Cook his favorite dish and show him he is your champion in every possible way.

Newlywedgal Answered:

Marriage is indeed beautiful, but usually in an 'imperfectly perfect' way. What's most important to help a marriage thrive is constant communication as well as respect for each other's views. It is also important to spend quality time together, as well as making sure that you do not take each other for granted. Appreciate the many great things your spouse does for you and make sure to show your appreciation!

Nickol Answered:

Make him feel he is YOUR No 1! Men are competative and need to be the best in their area, need to be successful and their ego needs to be fed regularly so make him feel he is your champion :) Leave him some personal time with the boys :) Lolita gave you good advices as well :) Be yourself, be the sexy girl he fall in love with as long as you can :))

Lolita Answered:

Taking the time to do things together that you both enjoy is important. Make your spouse feel special by looking for things to compliment them for. If you mke your spouse feel good about themselves, they will be happy and that can only be good for a marriage. Make time for each other. It can be just having a meal together alone at home and then watching a DVD together. Or going for a walk in the country on your own.

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