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Does looking for an opportunity for an affair on a dating website really helps?

Does looking for an opportunity for an affair on a dating website really helps?

6 Answers

FLEMING01 Answered:

If you are determined to have an affair then a dating website will surely help you to reach that goal. Whether it will help you in your life and as a person is another matter. If you are already married then your priority is to work on your relationship with your spouse rather than seeking relationships outside of your marriage. If you are seeking only an “affair” on a physical level, you are setting yourself up for multiple disappointments where you will have to have more and more affairs to try and satisfy your addiction. It is better to cultivate a genuine relationship with someone who cares for you as a whole person, not just sexually.

SUMMERS Answered:

If you’re looking to have an affair, using dating websites may be the worst choice. That’s because there will be a record of everything you do, and because it’s on the internet, practically anyone can access it. You’re much more likely to be discovered if you look for someone to have an affair with online because there’s a digital record of everything you do. Consider emails, browser histories and the recent data leaks at a major online cheating service to give you some idea of the potential downsides ( Then consider what’s at stake if you are found out. It may not be worth it.

Redrice89 Answered:

Yes, newlywedgal put it right. Online dating has made it so much easier for someone to connect with another and do it all discreetly. Sometimes, even the person you are having an affair with can be oblivious of someone's marital status, especially if the affair is erratic. This creates situations where a married person can keep secrets from his or her spouse and carry on with their conventional marriage as though nothing is happpening. I seriously hate the internet sometimes!

BestBuddy Answered:

I agree with the statement that dating websites were made to connect people searching for affairs. Think first what you are searching for and then walk the path to it :) Wish you luck!

Newlywedgal Answered:

I'm not sure what is meant by 'affair' in this question, but if someone puts him or herself out there on the internet, they will be bound to find someone to engage in an affair with for sure. There are many people on the internet now, and tons of websites trying to get people to 'hook up' with other more attractive strangers. Also, it can be very discreet enough for extra-marital affairs to happen. That is the double-edged sword of dating sites today.

Nickol Answered:

I think real life connections are better but if you don't have that opportunity you may try websites. Maybe you are ment to meet your future spouse online. You never know :)) Give it a try!

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