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Is it true that women who have affairs outside marriage are not satisfied with their marriage?

Answers (10)

Oceanlover said on
Most women are known to try every possible thing to make their marriages work. I believe that the majority of women will cheat only if they really and truly are not and can't be satisfied by their husbands. There has to be something lacking for them to go outside their marriages.

rolanjenny said on Jun 13

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Amy508 said on
I believe that this is true. Women only tend to stray when they aren't getting what they need. It may be emotionally, sexually and financially. In my experience, something must truly be lacking for a woman to be with a man who is not her partner. She needs to be fulfilled in other ways.
DrAlice said on
Anyone who steps outside of their marriage is unhappy. That doesn’t necessarily mean that their spouse is a bad person or the one to blame, sometimes women just cheat (as do men) because they are unhappy with themselves and so go out looking for something or someone to make them feel better about themselves.
SimplyBeing said on
There is certainly the element of dissatisfaction. However, it could also be a sign of immaturity. When a woman marries when she is mentally unprepared to take on such an endeavor, her mind is still operating on a different level--in her mind she still carries with her thoughts of singledom. If on top of this immaturity the marital setting is unpleasant then her roaming mind may lead her to explore a relationship outside of her marriage.
Nickol said on
Yes, there is certainly something lacking inside the marriage for a woman to search an affair outside.
newlywedgal said on
This applies to men as well, not just women. While it's true that dissatisfaction in a marriage can push someone towards an affair, sometimes an affair happens just because there is an opportunity for it to happen. For example, if a very attractive co-worker expresses his or her interest to a married person, sometimes it can be hard for the married one not to be flattered and go to far with it. The reasons for an affair really depends on the situation.
BestBuddy said on
Everything said above is true. I shall just add that there is a certain kind of women called nymphomanic and when/if that kind of woman gets married affairs does not end with the marriage but that is not the tipical story. Mostly women searchin for an affair outside their marriage are unhappy with what they have at home.
redrice89 said on
Unless the woman has some psychological disorder like nymphomania as BestBuddy said, then yes usually women are more likely to engage in affairs only if their marriages are somewhat topsy-turvy or is unsatisfactory in some way. This is just my opinion, but women tend to be more careful about the people they sleep with, and are less likely to stray unless they have dire needs.
SUMMERS said on
While it is true that most people who have affairs do so in search of something they’re not getting at home, that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily unsatisfied with their marriage.  Some women do stray because of existing problems in their primary relationship, but many others have affairs because of other feelings of being unfulfilled.  Common examples are not feeling sexy anymore and feelings of anxiety during a period of major transition in life.  In comparison with men who cheat, women who stray are more likely to be unhappy in their marriage, but as many as one third are not unhappy at home.
FLEMING01 said on
A woman who is satisfied with her husband will be thinking of ways that she can satisfy him and how she can make their home and life a good place for them both to be together. If she is not satisfied with their marriage she will be open to explore other relationships which would essentially compromise and destroy her bond with her own husband. If she is willing to do this it shows that her marriage does not mean enough to her to protect it and keep it sacred between her and her husband. Perhaps she enjoys the security and status that her marriage provides, but is not interested in the relationship commitment towards her husband, so she feels it is OK to just use him as a figurehead while she gives her heart and body to other men.
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