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Does marriage therapists actually help couples in sorting out their problems?

Does marriage therapists actually help couples in sorting out their problems?

6 Answers

FLEMING01 Answered:

Marriage therapists can play a vital role in helping couples address, manage and overcome certain problems in their marriages. The extent to which marriage therapy is successful would depend on several factors, including the skill and qualification of the therapist, as well as the openness and willingness on the part of the couple to cooperate and participate fully in the therapy required. If one of the spouses is merely there under duress for the sake of placating the other spouse who desperately wants to save the marriage, then a good result may not be likely.

SUMMERS Answered:

As with anything, the quality of service will depend on the practitioner. That said, however, marriage therapists can be extremely helpful in keeping couples together who are committed to sorting out their problems. It’s no easy road, and many painful memories are likely to be unearthed. However, marriage counseling can also provide the safe space that allows us to heal from earlier traumas in life and share a bond of recovery and hope with our spouses that things will be different as we gain new insights into what caused the original injuries. We can then know how to avoid reinjury.

Itshazyhere Answered:

Yes, they can but it depends on the motivation level of both partners. Sometimes long ingrained problems or differing attitudes of partners might change hamper the process of getting back on track in the marriage. For some couples, marriage counseling is really divorce counseling because they've given up on saving it.

Newlywedgal Answered:

Yes, marriage therapists are trained professionals who can help a couple open their eyes up to the dynamics of their marriage. Sometimes it takes an objective third-party view to affirm what we believe in the marriage, as Lolita said. The therapists are also able to provide techniques on how to deal with problems with your partner and become a team again. Sometimes though, therapists help to realise that a couple is just not meant to be together anymore. IT's better to get informed resolution rather than make rash decisions.

Vilkoma Answered:

Marriage therapists got the ability to reach the root of the problem by asking the right questions. It is all inside us, therapists just help to relive it on the surface. Lolita gave you a good answer, I shall also recommend to use marriage therapist when doubting the use of professional help.

Lolita Answered:

Most of the time we actually know the answers to our problems, deep down. A therapist is just someone who listens non-judgementally, sometimes asking a question to prod us into finding out what we really think about an issue. If you go together, the therapist will also help keep the peace and give each spouse a chance to state their side of the story.

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