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Does asking questions on marriage forum really help?

Answers (9)

Oceanlover said on
Yes it can. It provides you with free advice that may have spent money and went to a counselour for. Or it'll give you ideas of things to try that you would've never thought of otherwise. It also provides you with many different options so you can try many or them to see what works best for you an your relationship.
Amy508 said on
It definitely does! Escpecially if this is your first marriage. You're not an expert and things are bound to pop up that you have no idea how to handle. That;s why it's good to ask questions and get help with your issues. And the best part is that it's 100% free.
DrAlice said on
I agree with the previous respondents. I think a marriage forum is a good place to find some answers. I also think it’s a good reminder that there are people out there who have been in the same situation as you and have had the same questions you have right now. It is especially useful when the person giving advice or feedback is maybe older, wiser, or professionally trained.
SimplyBeing said on
Like anything on the Web, you have to utilize it wisely. You have to trust the source, you have to use your own good judgement, and ultimately make decisions for yourself based on all the information that is available to you--input from friends, family, religious leaders, professionals--whoever makes up your support system.

It's comforting to know there is a place to go where you can ask different questions without being judged, but again, you have to do what feels right for you in the end.
Vilkoma said on
If your need led you to the forum it's the right place for you. That's the way your innerself contacts you. You ask for help and it comes from unexpected source :) Yes, asking questions on a marriage forum can really help, it's a good and free source of information.
newlywedgal said on
As a girl who recently got married, I can say, yes it definitely helps. Going on forums gives me a strong variety of perspectives from people with experience on staying married. It can be interesting to see how people use tactics and solutions to solve problems in their marriages, but most of all, it is liberating to have a listening ear on the issues we have and get support from the community.
Mesmerizer said on
When asking questions on marriage forum real people can share with you their personal experience and that could be useful for you. They may relate to your situation and give you handy information about their marriages passing through similar situation.
itshazyhere said on
Forums can provide anecdotes, tips and tricks, but most of all they are a great platform from support and guidance on how to proceed with your marriage. It is important to look for a forum that really displays this support. Best if there is a resident expert on hand to add his or her professional opinion on your situation. Forums can also sometimes bring to light some issues that you might not have even though about regarding your marriage, and sometimes provide a thorough discussion or debate about it.
FLEMING01 said on
Perhaps you are struggling with a problem alone over a long period of time, and you just cannot seem to find a way forward. Then you decide to take a brave and tentative step towards getting some help and you send in your question to the marriage forum. Immediately you do not feel so alone, and the fact that someone has taken the time to think about your situation and offer you some answer, can be like a rope thrown to a drowning person. There are no quick fixes to most of life’s problems and you need to persevere to get the help that you need and to carve out the life that you deserve.
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